Pure Drive Golf features 5 state of the art simulators, available for self practice, guided instruction, group entertainment, and custom club fitting. Each bay is equipped with TrackMan technology, the most trusted launch monitor in golf and used by tour players worldwide. Unlike practicing at your local driving range, this technology provides instant and fact-based feedback to help you analyze every shot with confidence and play famous golf courses around the world. Combined with other features exclusively available at Pure Drive Golf, our facility is designed for all golfers that want to improve performance and have fun with friends. 

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Pure Drive Golf is one of a kind in the area. It combines top of the line technology with world class instruction that can be used year round.

state of the art simulators

Each simulator includes the following:

  • TrackMan swing and ball flight data

  • Video replay after every shot from two camera angles

  • Easy-to-understand color feedback app on 5 key TrackMan parameters, developed by Adam Kolloff and exclusively available at Pure Drive Golf

  • Trackman instructional guide designed by Adam

  • Virtual golf featuring famous golf courses worldwide

  • TrackMan performance features such TrackMan Combine, Test Center, On-Course Practice, Target Practice Range, and Putting Analysis

  • Premium putting area

  • Training aids for improving all aspects of your game

  • Demo clubs from top brands such as PXG

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TrackMan Technology

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As an indoor golf facility, technology is very important to us because we rely on the feedback to analyze and track our performance. That’s why we’ve equipped all our simulators with TrackMan technology, the #1 technology in golf and used by over 80% of the PGA TOUR. With this tour proven technology, you get actionable data at your fingertips. Every time you hit a shot, you will receive key information in real time. There’s no question TrackMan is the best performance enhancing technology available in the industry today.


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The Pure Drive Golf app was developed by Adam Kolloff to help everyday golfers use Trackman technology. This app provides color feedback for a handful of important parameters so you can quickly interpret the data on your own. The best part of this app? When you hit a bad shot, it tells you why!

The vision for the color system was to make the feedback so simple even a child would understand. That’s why there are three easy-to-understand colors in the feedback system. Green means “good,” yellow means “ok/could be better,” and red means “bad.” The color ranges are based on impact conditions that produce a ball flight toward an intended target. When the ball does not fly toward the target, the app will tell you what caused that to happen. No other app exists that provides this type of feedback, and it’s available to everyone that practices at Pure Drive Golf.


There is often a big difference between feel and real when making changes to your golf swing. At Pure Drive Golf, we believe in the importance of visual feedback to help golfers bridge this gap and accelerate the learning process. That’s why every simulator has three different camera angles to provide an optional auto replay of your swing after every shot. This is an incredible tool if you want to “see” your swing and compare what your feeling with what is actually happening. The visual feedback, combined with TrackMan data, is the reason why so many golfers are choosing to practice at our facility rather than a local driving range.

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How do I book an appointment?
You can book all our services ONLINE HERE, in person, or by phone (781) 404-6902.

Do you offer discounts when purchasing multiple hours up front?
Yes, we offer 5 and 10 hour packages and 3-month memberships. CLICK HERE for more information.

Can I share packages and memberships with my family?
Yes, absolutely.

Is the cost of a simulator rental per person? 
No, the hourly rate (40$/hour) is the cost for one simulator. This can be split by the number of people renting the bay (up to 4 people).

Do you offer custom club fitting?
Yes, we offer custom club fitting for Callaway, TaylorMade, PXG, Mizuno, and Titleist.

What if I don't have my clubs?
You don't need to bring your own clubs. We offer complimentary demo clubs. 

Do you sell food or drinks?
Yes, we sell bottled water, Vitamin water, and snacks bars such as RXBARs.  

Do you serve alcohol?
No, we do not have alcohol at the facility.

What technology do you use?
Each practice bay is equipped with Trackman and two video cameras. With this technology can analyze your numbers, watch a video replay of your swing, analyze performance of your current equipment or new equipment, play and compete with friends, and much more. We also offer a variety of training aids approved by our lead Instructor, Adam Kolloff. 

What is Trackman? 
Trackman is a swing and ball flight analysis technology used by the PGA Tour players and during televised broadcasts to measure key data. Placed behind the golfer, Trackman captures 27 data points about the swing and ball flight. This information is used as feedback that can be useful in a variety of ways. There is a lot of data and sometimes it can be overwhelming, which is why we have resources and information packets in each practice bay to help guide you. 

What if I don't know how to use the technology?
Every first-time customer will receive 15 minutes of free coaching on how to use the technology from our staff. If you'd like to learn even more, we recommend booking a private lesson with Adam.  Adam has a Trackman Master Certification and has written a popular book on learning the golf swing with the technology.