Pure Drive Golf App

Now available on the Apple App Store, the Pure Drive golf app was developed by nationally ranked golf instructor, Adam Kolloff, and provides color feedback on select TrackMan parameters to help everyday golfers use the technology and quickly interpret the data on their own. TrackMan owners/users simply need to connect their Apple device to the TrackMan's Wi-Fi signal to start receiving feedback. If you don't own a TrackMan, you can still use this App if you have access to a TrackMan at your local course or facility. Currently, the Pure Drive Golf app is only available on the iPad.


A 3-day free trial period begins after successfully subscribing to premium features. When your free trial expires, there are three types of subscriptions available:

3 Months: $74.99
6 Months: $124.99
12 Months: $199.99

Premium features include color feedback, tips to improve, TrackMan definitions, and video instruction. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. The app is an excellent resource for golf instructors, golf courses, and facilities that utilize TrackMan technology. If you are a facility with multiple TrackMan radars, you can pay for one subscription and download the app on multiple devices as long as you use the same Apple ID for each device.


Color Feedback

Quickly interpret TrackMan data with color feedback. The app uses three colors to indicate the level of success after each shot. Green means, "good," yellow means, "could be better," and red means, "needs improvement." No other app exists to help you simplify TrackMan feedback.


TrackMan Definitions

Written definitions help explain the data so you know what the numbers mean. This will help you fully understand important aspects of the swing that relate to producing a more consistent ball flight.


Video Instruction

To self improve with the Pure Drive Golf app, tips are provided by Adam Kolloff that are specific to your faults. Golfers can access these tips by selecting the parameters they choose to work on. Videos help clarify what the golfer needs to focus on to improve his or her numbers.

Benefits of the Pure Drive Golf app

  • Allows for self-improvement

  • Simplifies TrackMan Feedback

  • Easy-to-understand

  • Speeds up the learning process

  • Increases value at your practice facility

The app makes it more fun while using TrackMan.
— Cliff
The colors are amazing, I totally understand what I need to work on.
— Todd
It makes the feedback so simple. I can look up after every shot and see what was good and what was bad.
— Craig
The app is genius. I’ve never seen anything so easy to use.
— Tony

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