Pure Drive Golf is the Gold Standard for golf training and lessons.
This is the most up scale indoor facility I have ever seen and played in. Adam is an unbelievable instructor with an easy manner and not overwhelming. This is a warm and friendly place to just go and practice in.
Pure Drive is an amazing facility and a welcome addition to the Greater Boston area. The TrackMan technology offering paired with Adam’s passion for teaching really make Pure Drive a standout location for those looking to improve and learn.
Adam facility is one of a kind in the area. It combines top of the line technology with world class instruction that can be used year round.
Love the facility and instruction, no negative comments whatsoever.
Totally amazing facility. It’s hard to find any fault. Some folks will probably ask for some things that will make it more of an entertainment experience (more food, or beer), but I like the pure golf experience that it is.
I like the size and lighting of your hitting bays. Other indoor simulator bays that I’ve used are a little too small and dark. Trackman and instant video feedback is the accurate, realtime info I’ve been missing to improve my game.
It’s an amazing facility and I’m looking forward to returning soon.
Best indoor golf facility I have ever been to.
My main use is for lessons. That experience is always terrific.