Junior Combine at Pure Drive Golf
July 10th - July 26th

The Junior Combine at Pure Drive Golf is an excellent opportunity for young competitive golfers to work directly with Golf Digest ranked instructor, Adam Kolloff, on developing the necessary skills to be more competitive at their respective level. Adam has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a competitive golfer, which includes junior golf, division 1 collegiate, and professional. The Junior Combine will consist of the following:

  • Individual lessons from Adam

  • Supervised and structured practice

  • Competitions and games

  • Total game skill development

    • Driving accuracy, consistency, and power

    • Approach shot accuracy and consistency

    • Shot shape development

    • Distance control with wedges

    • Pitching and chipping technique and drills

    • Putting technique and drills

  • Course management strategies

    • Analyzing hazards and trouble

    • How to prepare for tournaments and more

  • Mental game fundamentals

    • Process vs result oriented focus

    • Techniques for dealing with pressure and more

Who is the Junior Combine for?

  • Competitive juniors ages 10-18

  • Juniors who currently play tournament golf

  • Aspiring high school golfers

  • High school golfers aspiring or preparing to play in college

When is the junior combine?

July 10th - July 26th
3-5pm every Wednesday and Friday
12 total hours

WHERE is the junior combine?

The Junior Combine will be held at Pure Drive Golf and utilize the entire facility with each Junior having their own simulator.

Pure Drive Golf
224 West Cummings Park
Woburn, MA 01801

How do i sign up?

The total cost for the Junior Combine is $825
Limited to 5 spots only
To register, give us a call at (781) 404-6902