Fall Golf League

6 Week League

November 5th - December 16th

Team competition (2 players per team)

$200 per team ($100 per player)

Pure Drive Gift Certificates awarded to top 4 teams! Gift certificate value will depend on number of teams.

Format and rules:

  • Entry fee provides each team 5 hours of simulator rentals to post 5 team scores. We’ve allowed an extra week to give everyone enough time with the Holidays.

  • A team score is a combined nine-hole net score with your partner. That means each partner will post a nine-hole net score and the combined 9-hole net scores will be the 18-hole team score.

  • Each team posts 4 team scores by December 9th. The top 4 teams after December 9th will advance to the playoffs in the final week.

  • Teams that don’t make the playoffs still compete for a consolation prize in the final week.

  • Scores can be posted anytime during facility hours.

  • We recommend playing with your partner when you post a score, but it is not required. If you choose to post a score without your partner, you will have a 1/2 Hour Simulator Rental to post your nine-hole score.

  • Courses will be announced before the league begins.

  • 80% handicap

  • Men play from forward tees, women and juniors (12 and under) play from ladies tees

  • Putting will be “Auto Putting - Fixed,” which means the following:

    • Gimmes inside 10ft.

    • Auto 2-putt inside 65ft.

    • Auto 3-putt outside 65ft.

  • No mulligans allowed.

  • Prize also awarded to low individual net score after 5 weeks!


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