Practice With a Purpose

When it comes to your practice routines, what typically comes to mind? Whether it’s hitting balls on the range, hitting on a simulator, or working on short game, one thing is essential to finding results: practicing with a purpose. There is no one way to achieve this, so it’s important to find something you enjoy doing that applies pressure to some degree. There are a few important keys to remember when trying to find what works best for you:

  1. Always hit to a specified target- you’ll never find yourself in a situation on the course where you aren’t aiming at a target, so why not do it during practice?

  2. Commit to a plan- Make sure you go to each practice session with a plan. Most high-level golfers start with stretching, then progress to short swings (wedges and short irons), and then move onto their longer clubs. It is also important to note that this should not be done in a hurry. Some of your best practice sessions can be as short as 20 minutes if you’re practicing effeciently.

  3. Mix up your shots- No matter what method of practice you decide, you should be constantly switching up clubs. You’ll never hit 30 7-irons in a row on the course, so it shouldn’t be done on the range.

TrackMan has a multitude of different features that help with these. First, and one of the most common ones, is virtual golf. Playing a round of virtual golf is a great test of your course management skills with applied pressure on every shot. This is especially true if you’re playing against someone or a group of buddies. TrackMan currently offers over 40 courses, such as PGA National and Muirfield Village.


Another feature TrackMan offers is Test Center. This allows you to create a test for any yardage and grades them based on proximity to target. You can set a single yardage or yardages between a specific range (ex. 140-160 yards). If you set a range, the targets are random, which helps simulate a round because you’ll never face the same shot multiple times in a row. The more you do them, the more pressure you will feel to keep improving your test scores. Upon the completion of the test, a report will be made based on your performance and will be sent to your account on, which can be accessed at any time.  Whether you need to improve wedges, iron play, or drives, the test center can be a great way to helping you maximize your potential.


TrackMan Combine is another tool to practice with a purpose. The Combine is a standardized test that includes various wedge and iron yardages, along with drives. 3 shots from each yardage are hit first, and then again in a second rotation, totaling 6 shots for each distance and 60 shots total. This is the ultimate way to test your ability to hit a target, as well as your physical endurance hitting 60 shots in a row. It puts an emphasis on taking your time and committing to a pre-shot routine because of how easy it is to tire yourself out and make poor swings towards the end of your session. When you finish, you will receive a report similar the Test Center, and your score will be entered into the “Combine Leaderboard”, where you’ll be able to compare your scores against other golfers around the world. Whether you’re trying to be one of the best in the world or trying to get your personal best, you’ll definitely feel some pressure to hot quality golf shots.

All in all, it is essential to find something that not only keeps you concentrated, but also applies pressure and simulates the feeling of a round on the course. Drills and games that achieve this will help you lower your scores considerably faster than just beating down balls on the driving range. So next time you’re at Pure Drive Golf or at your club, keep these tips in mind.