What is TaylorMade Twist Face?

This year TaylorMade came out with the new M3 and M4 line for Drivers, Woods, and Hybrids as they usually do. But the technology was a bit more innovative than in years past. TaylorMade has gone away from the traditional “bulge and roll” face and have literally twisted it. Twist Face technology was made with the idea of helping your miss hits find the way back to the fairway. The toe portion of the club face is open compared to the traditional look, as well as the heel is more closed.

How does Twist Face work? This technology is designed to help shots finish closer the intended target. For example, TaylorMade has done extensive research and found that most golfers that strike the ball near the toe also deliver a closed club face. With traditional gear effect, this was causing a hook that ended up well left of the intended target. Using Twist Face technology, this shot would end up closer to the intended target because the ball would start more right before it would draw back to the target. The same is true for strikes in the heel. With traditional gear effect, this would produce a shot that would fade away from the intended target. But since the heel is more closed with Twist Face, this shot would not fade as much and finish closer to the intended target.

You can come demo the new TaylorMade M3 and M4 line here at Pure Drive Golf.