The Pure Drive Golf App

Introducing the Pure Drive Golf app designed by Adam to help everyday golfers use Trackman technology. This app provides color feedback for a handful of important parameters so you can quickly interpret the data on your own. The best part of this app? When you hit a bad shot, it tells you why!

Green “acceptable” ranges are based on impact conditions that produce a ball flight that lands within close range of an intended target. These ranges are determined by taking into account the average width of the fairway and green. For example, if an iron is used the objective is to have a margin for error within 12.5 yards left and right because the average width of a green in the U.S. is 25 yards wide. In other words, if the pin is located in the middle and you aim at the pin, you're margin for error on both sides must be within 12.5 yards to be within the green "acceptable" range. Numbers will turn yellow when misses are just outside this range or red when you miss well outside this range.

In this example, everything looked good except the club face angle was a little too closed (color yellow) causing the shot to miss just left of a standard width green.


In this example, the club face was very open causing the ball to mis well right of the standard width of a green. 

image1 (1).png


The Pure Drive Golf app is available for anyone that rents our Trackman simulators at Pure Drive Golf. 

Adam Kolloff

Pure Drive Golf, Owner and Director of Instruction