How Technology Speeds Up the Learning Process

We have a good idea what tour players are doing. Of course, there are many differences in how they swing, but advances in technology have allowed golf instructors to peak inside a player’s swing “DNA” and learn major commonalities that make these players great. With this information, we can use it as a baseline or as a guide when helping amateur golfers. The process begins by analyzing an amateur golfer’s current set of skills and comparing that to these commonalities we see in elite players. Even if the amateur’s goal is not to play on tour and to simply lower their handicap, we can still use elite player commonalities as a guide when forming a road map for improvement. Because the road map is based on facts, it’s an incredibly efficient system for analyzing anyone's game. After a road map is finalized, technology can also provide feedback to monitor progress and indicate levels of success or failure. Therefore, golf technology speeds up the learning process for two reasons; it providers a fact-based analysis with available comparisons to elite players and provides measurable data to quantify progress over a given time. When you add a well-trained golf instructor who can guide you through the process, technology is a powerful tool for anyone looking to improve!

Adam Kolloff

Pure Drive Golf, Owner and Director of Instruction