The Backswing Mobility Screen

Something wrong with your backswing? Check out this mobility drill I came up with that helps you assess and improve key areas of the backswing. I posted this a few months ago on Instagram and have received a lot of positive feedback. It’s what I call the “backswing mobility screen.” Start in golf posture with arms crossed (right arm over left for righty golfers) and with your back side touching a wall. Rotate your upper body until your right elbow touches the wall. Then, raise your right wrist up to the wall without moving your right elbow and the rest of your body. Once you reach the top (if you can get there!) slowly move back in the opposite order.

Backswing Mobility Screen.PNG

Here's a link to the video:

This drill will help you assess and improve your ability to rotate, if you can stay in posture, and if you can externally rotate your trail shoulder – all good things for the backswing. Of course, everyone has a different body type and some are more flexible than others. Most of you will struggle getting your elbow or wrist to the wall. Just keep practicing until you see some progress – that’s the whole point. You can adjust the difficulty level with the height of your elbows at the beginning. For example, elbows lower (elbows closer to the body) decreases the difficulty level by shortening the distance you need to rotate to move the elbow to the wall. This also decreases the difficulty of moving your wrist up to the wall. Elbows higher (elbows further from the body) increases the difficulty level by increasing the distance you need to rotate to move the elbow to the wall. This also increases the difficulty of moving your wrist to the wall. Either way, find a good starting position with the elbows and adjust as needed over time to get the most out of this exercise.  

Adam Kolloff

Pure Drive Golf, Owner and Director of Instruction