High Hands for More Speed

Does higher hands at the top of the backswing help generate more club head speed? Yes. It’s a simple fact if you think about it. The higher the hands and club travel in the backswing, the more time and potential for energy the club can generate on the way down. High hands at the top is a common trait among the longest hitters on tour, most notably Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson. This doesn’t mean you can’t generate speed with low hands, it simply means you will maximize speed gains with higher hands. Word of caution; not everyone can shallow the club on the downswing with higher hands at the top. This is especially true for golfers with less ability, less flexibility, and poor mechanics. For example, if you typically hit a draw and start to work on higher hands because you seek more club head speed, it may steepen your downswing and your draw could turn into a fade or even slice. After you reach the top, focus on starting the downswing with your lower body and keep your right wrist trailing the right elbow (assuming a righty golfer). This move will trigger a good sequence and keep the trail arm externally rotated to shallow the club. Just some additional thoughts to remember if you work on high hands at the top.

Adam Kolloff

Pure Drive Golf, Owner and Director of Instruction